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    Pediatricians in Düren

    Specialists for children's and youth medicine, pediatric rheumatology and emergency medicine


    Dear families,
    welcome to our practice! Treating your children is an honor and a privilege for us. In order for us to ensure the best possible care, however, a few rules are required. The point behind such guidelines must always be that you and your child are safely cared for in every situation. Please contact us personally if you do not feel this. In particular, the following are essential for a functioning doctor-patient relationship:


    Honesty: We give you an honest assessment of the situation and admit, if the specialist knowledge of a specialist is required - tell us honestly which complaints are present and which therapies are (not) suitable for you - this is the only way we can find the appropriate therapy together find for your child.


    Respect: We take you and your concerns seriously and advise you to the best of our knowledge and belief - assume that our statements are made with good intentions and are always geared towards your well-being.


    Tolerance: All people are the same, but each person is an individual with strengths and weaknesses. Together we use our strengths and use them for the benefit of the children - and together we compensate for the weaknesses of the other and accept them!


    Safety: Child protection, education and prevention – the cornerstones in any work with children are our deepest concern and element in our daily life – in continuing education and training, standing consulting offers, and how we develop processes in our practice. We do not shy away from difficult conversations and stand by our families even in dire times – but will work tirelessly for making this unnecessary.


    To a mutual partnership for the benefit of your children
    team of the pediatric practice Dr. Ott & Neeb

    02.-06.01.      winter hollidays

    20.03.            seminar

    28.03.-05.04. Easter

    21.05.              pentecost

    22.07.-02.08.  summer hollidays

    18.-20.09.        seminar

    14.-18.10.        autumn hollidays


    some more seminars and team trainings to be scheduled

    Office hours

    (Appointments only after arrangement by phone)

      Morning afternoon
    Mon 8 am - 12 noon 2 pm - 5 pm
    Tue 8 am - 12 noon 2 pm - 5 pm
    Wed 8 am - 12 noon closed
    Thu 8:30 am - 12 noon 2 pm - 5 pm
    Fri 8 am - 12 noon closed

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    If you have any questions regarding our homepage or our practive, please send us a mail. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Please understand that we can not answer questions regarding ailments, regulations or appointments by mail. 


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