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    Dr. med Florian J. Ott


    Wilhelmstr. 41
    52349 Düren
    Telefon: 02421/5566550
    Fax:      02421/5566556
    Email:   florian@doktor-ott.de



    marital status married to Monika Ott-Schwarz, four children
    other languages English





    2000-2006               studies of human medicine in Gießen, pracital year at the university hospital of Justus-Liebig-University Gießen
    2004 clinical traineeship in the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Ghana
    2006 licencse to practice 
    2011 Specialist for children's and youth medicine




    2002-2005           Scientific employee of Dr. med. Konstantin Mayer in the medical intensive care unit for data collection, amongst other things work on the Grid-Project (Giessen Research Center in Infectious Diseases)
    2002-2004 Work with Prof. Dr. Münstedt in the centre of gynecology and obstetrics at Justus-Liebig-University Gießen:
    multicentric, comparative study of orally administered modified citrus pectin (MCP) to patients with advanced solid tumors, double-blind and placebo controlled.
    2012 - 2019 Work with Prod. Dr. Lehmann, Rheumatology Center Mittelhessen: "Prevalence of antibodies against Gliadin, Endomysium and Transglutaminase in children with rheumatic disorders." Successful dissertation, received doctorate
    since 2018 lecture at the emergency medicine educational center Eifel-Rur gGmbH in the pediatrics class




    Since 2001          Paramedic at Johanniter, District of Gießen, later on emergency physician in the district of Düren

    2006 – 2007

    Assistant physician in the department of anaesthesiology, intensive care and pain management of the university hospital Justus-Liebig-University Gießen
    head physician Prof. Dr. Dr. hc.  G. Hempelmann.
    2007 Assistant physician in the neuropaediatrics department of the children's and youth medicine centre of Justus-Liebig-University Gießen
    head physician Prof. Dr. med. B. Neubauer
    2007 - 2009 Assistant physician in the department of paediatrics at the muncipal hospital Düren
    Dr. med. (HR) Borka Strika-Pavlovicz
    2009 - 2011 Assistant physician in the department of paediatrics at St. Marien-Hospital Düren
    head physician Dr. med. K.-J. Eßer, zuletzt Facharzt
    2012 - 2013 Specialist Training in pediatric rheumatology at the university hospital Gießen and Marburg
    head physician Prof. Dr. med. K.-P. Zimmer
    2013 -  2020 Leadership of the neonatal care of the muncipal hospital Düren in cooperation with Dr. Sauerwald, gynecology and Dr. Wentz, paediatrics.
    201 3- 2014 pediatric rheumatology consultation at the university children's hospital cologne
    2014 pediatric rheumatology consultation at the children's hospital St. Augustin
    since 2013 Practicing pediatrician and adolescent doctor since 1st of July 2013.



    2011             emergency medicine

    radiation protection in emergency diagnostics


    pediatric rheumatology


    qualification of social-pediatric oriented care


    qualification of subject-specific genetic counseling

    2020 Traumapedagogic (University of Ulm)
    2021 child protection
    2023 BASE pro - psychosocial education for general practitioners
    2023 4s - schools against suicid and self destructive behaviour



    experience outside of the pediatric practice

    2013 - 2020        taking care of newborns at städtiscehs krankenhaus Düren
    seit 2018 teaching at Notfallbildungszentrum Eifel-Rur gGmbH
    2021 - 2022 leading doctor at the immunization center against covid in Düren
    2021 advisory board Duria eG
    seit 2022 member of DAGIV eG Dürener Arbeitsgemeinschaft integrierte Versorgung
    seit 2022 board member KV Kreisstelle Düren, representative for emergency services
    seit 2023 leading doctor of the pediatric emergency practice in Düren





    Founding member of Philippos eV - Association for orphaned parents and siblings

    2016 Lios-Club Düren membership
    2023 Archery at RSG Düren


    Frau Daniela Neeb


    Wilhelmstr. 41
    52349 Düren
    Telefon: 02421/5566550
    Fax:      02421/5566556
    Email:   d.neeb@diebuntepraxis.de



    marital status in relationship, two children
    other languages English, Spanish, French





    1993-1998 Diploma in sports studies, specializing in rehabilitation and disabled sports at the German
    Sports University Cologne; Main areas of study: movement therapy for physical disabilities and damage to the internal organs
    1998  Diploma thesis: Falls in everyday life - A motor and psychological cause and problem analysis
    Degree: qualified sports teacher
    1995-2003 Study of human medicine at the University of Cologne
    geplant 2020 Dissertation: Univentricular Heart: Pre- and Postoperative Circulatory Stabilization by Urapidil


    1997 - 1999  Nursing assistant in home nursing at Ev. Hospital Cologne Weyertal
    2000 Student assistant in the monitoring of outpatient cardiac catheterization at the cardiological practice Heinzler / May / Gysan in Cologne
    1997 - 2002  Independent instructor for baby swimming, swimming courses for children and adults and baby massage at the Center for Sport and Medicine at Ev. Hospital Cologne Weyertal
    2000 - 2004  Student assistant in the intensive care unit, the surgical ward and in the pediatric department of the Porz am Rhein hospital
    2004 - 2006  Internship / assistant doctor in the pediatric department of St. Marien-Hospital Düren-Birkesdorf
    2006 - 2009 Assistant doctor in the pediatric department of the children's hospital in Cologne; including one year in the interdisciplinary intensive care unit and one year in the neonatal intensive care unit, assignments as a newborn emergency doctor
     2008 - 2009 Part-time activity as a course instructor for courses on the topic of "Emergencies in Infancy and Childhood"
    2009 - 2015  Resident doctor / specialist in the pediatric cardiology department of the University Children's Hospital Bonn
    2009 Acquisition of the specialist title "Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine"
    2016 - 2020 Employed specialist for paediatrics in the pediatric practice Dr. med. Platen in Huerth




    "Neonatal morbidity and mortality in extremely immature premature infants with a gestational age <24. SSW and / or a birth weight <500g "Free lecture; 100th annual meeting of the German Society for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine; Berlin

    2005 “To what extent does respiratory management influence the short-term outcome of extremely small premature babies with a gestational age <24. SSW and / or a birth weight <500g? "Lecture; 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Medicine; Magdeburg

    Sarah Goga

    medical assistant

    business administrator for medical care

    manages the optimal workflow of our consultations

    on matermity leave - all our best wishes!


    Nadia Maarad

    manages everything!

    medical assistant, vaccinations assistant

    social prevention



    Nadine Klewer

    medical assistant

    prevention and vaccinations


    Riem Milki-Al Haaj

    medical assistant

    your receptionist

    Foreign languages: Arabic, English


    Tanja Nelles

    medical assistant



    Monika Ott-Schwarz

    educator, trauma pedagogics, medical assistance

    our "helping hand"



    Paula Schmalenbach

    medical assistant trainee

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